Friday, 18 June 2010


and we know we are

What complete and utter garbage, they didn't have a clue. Worst prepared team in the tournament with the best paid coach. Shocking.


  1. Hmm, going around in circles and not joining up - yes, that pic seems quite descriptive.

    If England had been outclassed by a better team, or even a team having a great day, we'd have been able to say ''ok, they were better'' and look at the work we had to do for the future.

    But that match was truly dismal; nothing worked, and form seemed to have deserted almost every player. And that wasn't against a world-class team, it was against a pretty poor team ranked 22nd in the world.

  2. No need to panic.

    Remember 1986?
    1st game England lost to Potugal 1-0
    2nd game drew with Morrocco 0-0
    1 point and no goals from 2 games - worse than now.
    Next game stuffed Poland 3-0
    Next game stuffed Paraguay 3-0
    Next game lost to the hand of God and the best ever world cup goal.

    I was there!
    Trust me, the boys will come good.

  3. I support Darlo.
    Of course I'm optimistic.
    I'm also used to the teams I support never winning anything.

    Come on Japan!

  4. Were we really that bad in 86? Or were they just poor results? (& Portugal are stronger opposition than either team faced this time. I'm afraid I have not a single spark of optimism left. I'm sure the players think the same way. They looked baffled and dejected. Good luck against Oranje Mike. Their fans could do with a little less optimism.

  5. I'm not biased.

    May the best team lose.

  6. Half time Japan 0-0 The Netherlands

    The Dutch are awful! They're playing exactly the same as England did.

  7. I'm not sure any team could play exactly the same as England did but there's definitely been a big dip in the quality of the football that started last night....

    Mike, I see you still haven't registered on this blog. If you've had trouble logging on, maybe I could ''talk' you through it using skype or instant messaging. That way, you'll be able to originate posts and upload photos.

  8. I pride myself on my computer illiteracy.
    I'm quite happy doing it like this.

    What's skype?
    What are instant messages?

  9. :-)

    (That's an emoticon, google* it)

    *That's a search engine...oh, I see, that's not really going to help, is it.