Thursday, 24 June 2010

Fabio Crapello


  1. Ja-fucking-pan!
    Bugger me! They qualified.

  2. Alphabetico Bilbao25 June 2010 at 20:05

    Portugal v Brazil. Play for a draw yet still kick the shit out of your opponents and give the ref yellow card Tourette's. What's that all about?

    Meanwhile, Spain are on top...

  3. They certainly did, and with some style. Well done, Japan.

  4. 6 points from that group is very impressive.

  5. Here's a nice story.

    Keisuke Honda, the blond forward for Japan who has scored two goals and was absolutely brill against Denmark, is attracting interest from Liverpool and Man C.

    Two years ago he went to play in the Dutch second division for a team beginning with R. They won promotion and Honda was voted the league's MVP. He got a big money transfer to CSFK Moscow (or whatever the initials are) and played in the Champions League quarter finals against Inter this year. He actually scored an exact replica of that free kick against Denmask for CSFK this season.

    The team in the Netherlands (beginning with R) are going to use the money from the transfer to buy a new stand and they are thinking of naming it after Honda.

    Honda himself, quite modestly, says that he'll never be an out and out striker, because he's too nice and should have tried to score the third Japanese goal against Denmark himself, not pass it to his team mate.

    He is currently the biggest sports star in Japan, and if any Premier team buy him, they'll be guarenteed millions of pounds in shirt sales.

    The Denmark Japan game was shown at 3:30 am and had a 40% rating.

  6. My mum drives one of his cars too.

  7. A good point!

    If Liverpool buy him, them sales of Honda Civics will sky rocket!

    I'm sorry, I've just read what I've written.

    If Liverpool buy him, thefts of Honda Civics will sky rocket!