Thursday, 17 June 2010

General Stuff

I've set up the PTS-style predictions spreadsheet for the knock out stages.  I'll put the teams in when we know who they are.


I've enjoyed doing this blog game and I was wondering about whether it would be possible to set up a spreadsheet for the next premier league season and whether people would be interested in continuing.  Now that the Guardian appears to have off-loaded the game, I doubt whether they will set up a new game.  I may be wrong though.

It would be fairly easy to increase the number of participants - just a matter of copying the formulas into new columns.  So it would also be possible to increase the number of players if anybody knows of like-minded candidates.  We'd have to decide whether to limit the number of people who can edit the spreadsheet to just the ''authors'' so that nobody else can come along and either deliberately or accidentally mess up the figures.  And I'd love to get Ankaraspor-stokecity-havantandwaterlooville nil back into the group.  Once he's settled into new home, new job and new club for his son, he might look at the grey autumn skies and think 'let's play PTS.'

So what do people think about continuing and/or opening it up to new people? 


  1. Well, I'd wait until... I don't know, a week before the Premiership begins?

    In any case, doing it here won't be difficult at all.

  2. And yeah, opening it up can be nice :-)

  3. Well done Marmoset. If PTS is not back, this is a very good alternative. We can even mark ourselves against the players from the non-Guardian PTS if we use the same scoring scheme.

    As to opening up the game to others, I'm in favour, but the admin may be a lot of work. Would be difficult to control if everyone had read/write access to the spreadsheet.

    The best thing about this is being able to upload silly pictures - don't stop Jaime!

  4. We could open another page (a ''stand alone'' page, blogger calls them) where fixtures and predictions - as comments - are posted. And I can change the permissions on the spreadsheet so that only trusted people (i.e. us) can edit the spreadsheet. At the moment it's set up so anyone can change it - which makes it easier for us but it might be dangerous if we end up with a pack of players who we don't know well. The only drawback would be having to manually transfer the predictions to the spreadsheet. But in practice, I was doing something like that anyway while the game was still hosted by the Guardian. And it's a role that could be shared between us.

    I wasn't thinking of a big change, just a managed expansion, one step at a time, of the gene pool.