Thursday, 10 June 2010


Some recent changes....

I've added a predictions page which links to an online spreadsheet.  You can enter your predictions directly (Actually, anybody at all can enter and change predictions at the moment - but I don't think anybody will come along and mess it up.  Might have to monitor that, though.)  If you've already posted up your predictions on this blog, I'll update the SS in a while.

I've also added a recent comments gadgets so that you can see what's been going on since your last visit. 

And as the Guardian has given our contact details to an external company, I thought it only fair to steal their logo (minus the social betting bit...).

While I'm at it, what shall we do about Winner predictions? Should we do that before any games are played or later?

UPDATE: I've added predictions already made on here and there's also a first goalscorer sheet.  Jaime's predictions are up.  (Personally, I'll add my predictions as we go along - too much research in one go....)


  1. Oh and I've fiddled with the comments so that they don't push earlier posts down the page.

  2. If you want a bit of a surreal game, join Fantasy Twatball:

    Get points for players being awarded yellow cards, penalty misses, sending off and general twatiness. Lose points for the goals they score !

  3. That's so daft I just had to join. Should we set up an alternative league?

  4. There's now a link to Twatball on the home page.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Marmoset the spreadsheet is brilliant!

  7. That was me who deleted my comment. Tried to post a link but failed.

  8. Yes, you can post the address but not as links in the comments. Meanwhile, I see that you've put a trial prediction in for round 2 on the spreadsheet.

    Other news: I was wondering what had happened to stokecitynil/Ankaraspor/Mark and only just discovered that I had 2 email addresses for him. I've just sent out a belated email to him on his gmail address because he doesn't seem to have responded to the hotmail one. If anyone has any other addresses please let me know