Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Is this the worst World Cup ever?

Anyway, I'm just 27, and my World Cup memories begin in 1990, even though I don't remember much of that World Cup (I was just 7, and not into football back then), after 5 days of matches, looking backwards to USA 94, France 98, Korea-Japan 2002, Germany 2008... So far, only Germany have offered something, and not spectacular. Well, and North Korea scoring has been a good laugh, I have to admit.

So, have you ever seen a worst World Cup, taking into account what has happened so far?

If the game keeps being so bad I'll find myself begging "Please, let the league start again. I want August to arrive again"


  1. It has been a poor first week, but it'll get better. It must do. I quite enjoyed the plucky DPRK holding out against Brazil for almost an hour.

  2. Yeah, Germany, DPRK and Green have been the only attractions... Let's see if Spain can do anything fine, or the usual stuff in World Cups.

    I celebrated the DPRK's goal as one of my own.

  3. I think we tend to forget that, after all the build-up excitement about the World Cup, the opening games are usually pretty defensive affairs. The first rule seems to be ''Just don't lose the first game.'' After that, teams have to go for wins and the games become more exciting.

  4. Absolutly. I enjoyed last nights game, although a sham SA lost as I doubt if they will bring it off against France and a host nation should really go through just to keep the locals interested. They left in droves last night when the third goal went in.

  5. Hi chazzer, I see you're way ahead of me in the twatball...