Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The Motto Of This World Cup

I can't stop laughing!


  1. Classic! We're at that stage where we have to laugh or else we'll cry.

    And with the Spain - Portugal game tonight, you'll probably need something like that to distract you.

    Let's hope it's a good game. And good luck. If games were played on paper, Spain would win it. Unfortunately they don't play on paper, but Spain should still win.

  2. I'm not sure about winning tonight... It was hard enough against Honduras and Chile...

    I reckon that the weird 4-3-3 Spain is playing is totally wrong, because there are 2 defensive midfielders, and Xavi ha to play almost up front. I really hope Alonso is injured today and Fabregas plays instead, and there's the possibility of a real 4-3-3 (almost formed by Barcelona or Barcelona-raised players).

  3. Jaime, you can breathe now! Shame about the silly red card behaviour but the victory was deserved.

  4. I did suffer a lot... I hope Paraguay gives us some peace time! I was amazed by Llorente: he was brilliant the 25 minutes he played!

  5. Lloyds bank in Llangollen will have noticed the sudden appearance of players whose names start with two Ls. Llorente and Lloris. Up till now I'd always thought of the double-ell as being a Welsh affliction.

  6. Good to see that Spain's Premier League stars are also having a Torres time.

    So many of the EPL's biggest names have flopped so far:

    Terry ... and the rest
    Fabregas (benchwarming flop)
    Ronaldo (ex PL)

  7. Fábregas wasn't that bad when he played, back in the Pleistocen of the World Cup. I hope he gets some more minutes...

    You've forgotten Reina and Arbeloa (also in the bench) for Spain and Cahill, putting a random example.

    But, who is actually playing real good? Messi? Ozil? Villa? That previously-unknown Slovak whose name is still unknown for the 90 % of the world?