Saturday, 26 June 2010

And then there were....


Goodbye S Korea.  I thought they were by far the more positive side, but the Uruguys were just that bit more savvy.


Goodbye Americans.   Fair enough.  I thought Ghana played well.

13 (unlucky 13?)



  1. What are the rules for scoring in the knock-out stages? Are we predicting the score at the end of normal time, or extra time?

  2. Aargh, I hadn't thought about that! I guess I'd assumed that it would be at the end of the game, including extra time if needed. Bugger it, it's too late to consult everybody now. Can we leave it to mean it refers to the score at the end of the game (before penalty shoot-outs for just this evening's game and then sort it out before the England game tomorrow?

  3. I'd say the score for the 90 minutes, and then goalscorers for 120. Penalty shoot-outs out.

  4. Yes I'd say go for the score at the end of extra time, but not the penalty shoot out. I wouldn't count the penalty scorers in the scorer predictions either. Doesn't really matter though as long as everyone knows the rules.

    My 1-1 might last the 90 mins, but I doubt it'll stay that way in ET.

  5. Ok, it's Jaime for 90 minutes, Red for up to 120 minutes. I'll pull rank for tonight - casting vote, and all that - and go for the 120 minute rule for tonight.

    We can sort it out more democratically in the morning. But we needed a decision now.

    Well actually, we needed a decision some time ago, but it's too late to cry about that now.