Monday, 5 July 2010

Semi-final: Spain Vs Germany

Couple of moments:

1994 World Cup

2008 Eurocup

I hope on Wednesday it goes fine... but it's pretty difficult


  1. Why are the videos cut in the blog? I mean, the right side is hidden... Do you know how to change it?

  2. I've just experimented with custom sizes on the ''embed page'' where you copy the code from. Below the code, I tried 375 pixels width for the 2008 game and 390 for the 2004 game. (the height figure completes automatically) This changes the code to be cut and pasted.

  3. Sorry, correction: 380 pixels for the width of the 2004 game and that looks just fractionally too large for the available space.

    I think the Youtube default width of 480 won't fit because there's a ''recent comments'' panel on the left-hand side which reduces the available width.

  4. Aaammm... thanks Marmoset!

  5. Puyol! Nobody guessed that... Well deserved victory. See you for the final.