Tuesday, 13 July 2010

And so to the future.....

Right, now we've got through the World Cup and watched so many games that we've gradually become immune to the sound of the vuvuzela (did anybody notice them during the final?) we'll soon have to think about the new Premier league season.

With our dwindling numbers, I think the effort of running a full PTS-style game would be a little too much for me to maintain, but we could do a slimmed-down version of the game. If the scoring principle remained the same, each player could choose their own home team and perhaps also one Premier League team. There would be no actual need for the home team to be a Premiership side - the club could be anywhere as long as their fixtures and results were easily available: Jaime, for example could pick Barça and Liverpool, I could pick Leeds and Spurs (in real life I would never choose Spurs because they're simply too unpredictable) and then we could could either stick to our own teams or pool them for everybody to play. In the pooled version of the example, we'd predict for Barça, Liverpool, Leeds and Spurs.

That's just one suggestion. Other possibilities would be to run the PTS and 1st goal scorer games together so that the results are scored together, or to extend the scoring to cup games as well as league games.

These suggestions would probably have the effect of moving the focus away from the league to the teams themselves, which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

So, does anybody have any suggestions or points of view that we could build into the game? I guess I'm expressing a preference for something that needs less time-consuming entering of fixtures on the spreadsheet, less effort for the players and yet still be open to newcomers.

Meanwhile, I'm going to lock off the World Cup game records and ''archive'' them. (ps. I think I've done that - let me know if it doesn't work for you)


  1. Sounds interesting! The only slight problem is that it some teams are much more predictable than others. A Chelsea or a Barcelona almost always win, whereas Blackburn say, are completely unpredictable. I'm off on holiday for THREE weeks tomorrow, so I'll have a think about it while I'm in standby mode.

  2. Hey, how're you doing?

    I agree with choosing the teams, but I think it'd be enough with one team each. I'd choose Atlético de Madrid, because it's even more unpredictable than Spurs (yeah, that's true). Barça would be 'too easy'

    I'll be... not on holidays, but with not that many things to do in Canterbury from tomorrow July 31st till Aug 14th, so anything agreed, I'll agree.