Friday, 29 August 2008

How does it look?

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A slightly misleading graph this week: I had a couple of crashes last week and I lost some figures from the end of the last but one round. So to skip over the missing numbers and end up with the current ones, I've combined 2 rounds of games in the graph above. As a result, everybody appears to have had an exceptionally good week whereas only Red Wedgewood excelled over the period, earning 30 points over the 2 rounds. For a short while a couple of our players were actually reducing the gap between them and the game leader. But over the two rounds, only Red and Stokecitynil (24 points) reduced the gap on ucananalyse2much.

This week's super climbers: stokecitynil and Red Wedgewood....

Club points week by week. At the last update here, Liverpool had just taken a solid looking hold on the premier league. But then they bumped into Everton and continued 1 point at a time while Man United took the lead with their record run of games without conceding goals. Chelsea took a straightforward win while Arsenal stuttered. Aston Villa now look worthy 3rd placers, even though every time I watch them they have an off day.

Meanwhile at the foot of the league it's still incredibly tight as they fight each other to the death.


  1. Hey Chris, how's it going? I've got another technical question: how do you do to save the image from

    I didn't read about the credits when I 'suggested' to have the rest of the names of the league in the Kinnell thing.


  2. Hi Jaime,

    There may be easier ways but the only one I know is to do a ''screen grab'' (cntrl + Print Screen), then open up Word/Paint/ (good simple free program), etc and paste it in. You'll then need to do a little cropping because there'll be toolbars and stuff that you've picked up when you did the screen grab. Save it and then you can upload it to your blog when you click the image icon.

  3. And, while I think of it, you can make wordle put things like the names of the posters in. Simply add the names in manually when you paste in a block of text. If you want it big, copy and paste the name lots of times. If Kinnear says cunt 12 times, you can post vespucci in 14 times and vespucci will appear larger than cunt.

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