Sunday, 9 May 2010

I think it's all over....

Well, not quite.  We've yet to post up our final standings but this chart at least is complete:

It shows each team's points per round for the season - click into it to make it bigger.  Though Chelsea probably deserved to win and even played some very compelling football (it breaks my heart to say it....) the graph shows just how close an off-form United managed to make it.   Poor old Portsmouth though - they struggled to get to 19 points, and then had 9 points deducted so had to fight their way back to 19 points again.  19 is evidently their groundhog number.


Here are our final points.  I don't all the results - particularly missing are the week before last ones - but I was very preoccupied.


And here is the final standings graph:

Anyhow, plans for the World Cup.....

If the PTS site is no longer up and running during the summer's diversions, we can make this our makeshift home.  I can set it up so that everybody in the group is an author, so that everyone can originate posts.  And then each person can set it up so that their email box notifies of each post/comment so there's no need to miss anything.  And of course you can post up pictures.

Here's proof.  On 19 September, my granddaughter Isabella is scheduled to disembark after spending the entire world cup in the womb.  For reasons of modesty you can only see her top half....

But what we really really need is daft but manageable games to keep us engaged.  So what ideas do we have?


  1. Well done Marmoset. This looks pretty easy to use. Does your unborn g.daughter already have a name? That's very organised.

    Maybe we can start with a score prediction for each game in the group stage. Plus 1st, 2nd & 3rd prediction for the whole thing.

    And which English player will be the first with a broken metatarsal.


  2. Hey Chris, I'm here! Congratulations for The Great News!!! That must be really exciting!

    I've done a massive thing (I would have to translate it), but I reckon that a kind of pick the score of the first phase, and then the play-offs would be pretty cool. Also, we can do the First Goalscorer thing. I'll check an Excel document with lots of graphs and stuff I've got in case it's useful.

  3. Hi guys! Welcome aboard! I must remember to click that ''subscribe by email'' box so that I get notified when something comes in....

    I'll add the final points table in the moments before the Europa final begins.

  4. @ Simon

    For a while when we didn't know the sex, it was either Harry or Isabella, or Harribella for short. Now we know it's a girl we can drop the Harry bit. Good job too - it sounds far too old-fashioned English.

    Assuming we keep to the PTS scoring rules, what points should we award for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place predictions?

  5. In fact we can do the top four places.

    How about if you predict the correct team in the correct position (in the top 4) you get 10 points. Plus you get 5 points if one of your top four does finish in the top four, but not in the exact position you predicted.

    1. Brazil; 2. Germany; 3. Spain; 4. USA

    1. Germany; 2. England; 3. Spain; 4. Brazil

    You score 20 points (10 for Spain and 5 each for Germany and Brazil)

  6. Red,

    Looks good to me. I'm just wondering whether there will have to be a cut-off date for the final predictions. I'm just thinking that it will be very hard to get the final four right from day one. So, maybe it could be done after the cup games have had a couple of rounds, when we've got some idea what the form is? Or even at the end of the first stage? What do you think?

  7. I'd say to predict the top 4 from the beginning, as a 'bonus'.

  8. And 'quebonitoescriticar' is Jaime...