Friday, 20 June 2008

What future for the Guardian PTS site?

At the moment the site is pretty dormant and there is no PTS input whatsoever, all links in the main paper have now been taken down and there has been no indication about whether the game will be relaunched in the new season. I think the Guardian might pull the plug.

So one day we might find that the site is no longer there. There's Facebook as a possible alternative rendezvous but although I have a FB account I don't feel at home there. Would a blog address such as this one be an alternative? We can have more than one managing the account, publish and if necessary delete comments. It might be possible to carry on running our silly games and banter from here. I admit I don't know much about the functionality* of these addresses so any expert advice would be more than welcome.

*Oops, I'm talking gobbledegeek...I mean I don't know what you can do.


  1. Hello!

    We could also pinch all their news every day and set up a rival Groniad2 paper.

    Good insurance. I'll make a bookmark.


  2. And now no longer anonymously!

  3. Well done Aitchee - a worthy Euro 2008 winner

    Even got the exact time for the goal!!

  4. Hi mikejapan,

    Looks like the Guardian might be running the site down - they picked a great day for it - it really demonstrates a deep and sincere commitment to football...

    I've not seen Aitchee on here yet, just redwedgewood, but maybe a couple of the regulars noted this contingency address. If Stoke doesn't make it over, I'll see whether I can work out the results and post them here and on the fascistbook site. Plus the virtual betting tallies, of course. I was really pissed off that I couldn't get online to place my 0.50 bet on the site - it would have been one of the rare betis I would have won on. I might have even got back to a whole Swiss Euro....